Télécharger Piercing Anti Helix Images

Télécharger Piercing Anti Helix Images. The exact placement varies depending on the shape of your ear. It is also a piercing that most people like to have because of the position it is placed on the ear.

Fresh forward helix with Industrial Strength jewelry ...
Fresh forward helix with Industrial Strength jewelry … from i.pinimg.com

The traditional and nicest earrings choice for the upper piercing is a combo of pretty rings of a different size. Are you thinking of getting a piercing? Helix piercing is a perforation of the helix part of the ear or the cartilage.

Through the vertical rim of the cartilage (not the outermost edge, but it does outline the ear);

In this article forward helix piercing is placed horizontally which is directly seen above the person's ear canal or above the. A small curved barbel or a captive bead ring can be worn. La folie des piercings du cartilage, hélix et piercing anti hélix est star des podiums et tendances du moment. Helix piercings—piercings that are placed anywhere on the upper outer cartilage of the ear—are often the first choice when moving from the lobe.

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